Tax Preparation Services
The tax preparation services we provide are a
three-part package that includes:

  1. Pre-return tax planning. We analyze your tax return
    information and map out the best possible steps to
    minimize your current year tax liabilities.
  2. Tax return preparation.
  3. Post-return tax planning. After the tax return
    preparation, we provide planning steps and tax advice
    for the next tax year, including interaction between US
    and non-US taxes.

In addition, our team of tax experts will be available to you
throughout the year to answer any tax questions and
financial issues. We only want to better serve you for the
future tax years.

The cost of our package depends on a variety of factors,
such as the complexity of your tax return, State and City tax
return requirements, tax protection/equalization by the
employer, the number of tax schedules, etc. We will only
charge the actual time incurred to prepare the tax return and
the tax planning analysis/advice is a complimentary service.

For an estimation of our tax preparation services, proceed to
Contact Us page.

Being a practicing and fast expanding U.S. tax
preparation company, we offer highly competitive
rates for an efficient and professional service.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarification and to
have a price quoted. We will be happy to have you as our
valuable client. We would like to be the tax preparation
service of your choice for the years to come.
Our Tax Services
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